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"Moby has done more for me in an hour, than my last dog did for me in a week."

- Katie D.

"When I started training with my first service dog, I was unable to shop in stores and avoided public places due to the severity of my PTSD. Briana and Ken were able to create a program that worked with my needs, and my dog gave me the confidence to try new things."

-Jeromy B.

I thought that we reached our trainable potential and I almost accepted it. Then I decided to try one more time..........OMG!!!  Our future looks so much brighter now, and I am very excited that my Frenchie will be able to live a normal life without having to freak out about everything!!!"

-Tatiana N.

Milo's home from his week at training camp. Such a difference. He is much more confident. Does great on a leash. We are finally using the same language to communicate. We learned that little dogs have different challenges and dynamics. Love the positive environment at Briana's.

~Linda S.

"Jett is an amazing dog and has helped a lot more than I could have ever imagined.  In the short amount of time that Dexter and Jett have been here, my stress levels have dropped drastically, I have been getting better sleep, and overall, my physical as well as my mental health have improved..."

~Jordan D.