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Providing Tools for Success

What We Do: Paws In Hand Canine Consulting is a personalized program that gives you the tools and leadership training needed for long-term success with your dog. Whether you need basic obedience,  problem solving with your pet, personal protection, service/therapy dog training, we will work to customize solutions that fit your needs. We teach your dog accountability and responsibility, ensuring that he will focus on you. Our program empowers owners with tools to create a situation where your dog is excited to learn from you.

What Makes Us Different: We have BIG goals! Not only does Paws In Hand aim to help people with their pets, but we aim to reduce the number of dogs being surrendered to shelters for behavioral issues. All service dogs in training come from Humane Societies, are rescues, or are from other programs working to reduce the number of dogs in shelters. We are lucky to have partnerships that allow us to evaluate and choose from hundreds of dogs across the United States when we are looking for a special dog to partner as a service animal. We offer a free training session to anyone who adopts in an effort to increase retention, and a discount on beginning puppy classes to prevent those dogs from being surrendered.

Our Story: Paws In Hand Canine Consulting began out of a passion for dogs.  Briana Bartlett, the Founder of Paws In Hand has been training dogs professionally since 2005.  She started as someone needing a service dog after an auto accident changed her life and mobility forever.  After working with NOAH'S Assistance Dogs in Crete, NE to train her own dog for mobility assistance, she began working with NOAH'S as a Volunteer for Americorp's VISTA, training and placing dogs with other disabled individuals.  She has trained and placed service and guide dogs across the USA, assisting individuals of all ages, with a variety of conditions, to gain greater independence.  She eventually became the Training and Placement Director of NOAH'S Assistance Dogs.  While working with NOAH'S, Briana also taught multiple public obedience classes in both group and individual settings.  She has also served as a mentor and consultant to trainers in Nebraska, Texas and Arizona as they built their careers training Service and Guide Dogs for large organizations. 

After pursuing a career in nursing, she moved to Texas.  Once there, a vast community need for dog training was recognized and Paws In Hand Canine Consulting was born.  She started by offering private obedience sessions to clients in Texas and Nebraska, working with clients to overcome issues ranging from aggression and resource guarding to basic puppy obedience. 

The need continued to build as past clients came forward after the loss of their beloved service animals, poor experiences with other training programs, and inability to overcome issues with other training methods. It didn't take long before the need for dogs and training became more than Briana was capable of handling alone. Paws In Hand was pleased to bring on Dexter Morin, another professional who specialized in not only Service and Guide dogs, but in Personal Protection, Tracking, Off-Leash Training, and Competitive Dog Sporting events. With his knowledge, Paws in hand became capable of serving a much larger demographic and could take on a broader clientele. Paws In Hand is now accepting applications to train and place Service/ Guide Dogs, as well as Therapy Dog teams through a partnership with NOAH'S Assistance Dogs.  We are fortunate to be building, and in a place where we can now provide a more intensive service to our clients and their dogs!



Our mission is broad!  Our goal is to increase retention through training, empower pet owners through education, increase independence through the use of specially trained dogs, and increase awareness through the use of shelter dogs in our program. 


We are lucky to have a network of trainers who specialize in many different areas!  If you have a unique situation, we have resources to help you find success.  Our training programs can take on many forms, depending on your individual needs. 


We are passionate about providing educational programs to schools, corporations, hospitals, and organizations- teaching about the use of therapy and service dogs, public access, dog training/ behavior, and how people regain independence through the use of dogs. 

What Our Clients Say...

"Briana from Paws in Hand basically performed a miracle on my very spoiled and rambunctious 4 year old morkie! His improvements were almost instantaneous with her training methods. She showed me what to do and how to manage him, and his behavior turned completely around within an hour after his first training was over. From one day to the next he was a different dog! He went from hysterically barking 75% of the day, to about 2% in 24 hours and every time he goes to bark now, he only grumbles and then looks at me bc he knows it's not allowed anymore. I am so impressed and grateful for her help with my dog. He has only gone thru one training so far and the improvements are profound in one day."

"I have a Frenchie that is scared of his own shadow. He let me pet him sometimes but he won't let anybody else touch him. On top of that he shuts down very fast so it was impossible to get through a full lesson with other trainers I tried. I have paid for a private lessons before and instead of an hour training, we usually had only 15 min before he shut down. I thought that we reached our trainable potential and I almost accepted it. Then I decided to try one more time..........OMG!!! Thank you God I did that!!! Briana is amazing!!! Not only that, My dog let her pet him (and it is only after one lesson!!!), she also showed us that we haven't even began to reach out potential!!! Our future looks so much brighter now and I am very excited that my Frenchie will be able to live a normal life without having to freak out about everything!!!"