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Designed to meet the needs of any client! Lifetime Lesson Packages start with up to 10 private sessions, followed by unlimited group lessons- FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR DOG!!


During the individual learning portion of your package, clients will be exclusively taught by Paws In Hand Trainers.  We will bring in select guest trainers from time to time to expand clients knowledge and to learn about new and exciting events and activities to try with their dogs! 


Individual  sessions may be taught at our facility or in-home.  The price of the Lifetime Package will vary based on selection of in-home sessions.  The group sessions will be held at our facility, and offered twice weekly to give people flexibility to choose a day that works for them! 


What WON'T we learn?!  We will cover basic and advanced obedience, social interaction, on and off-leash work, recalls, introduction to canine sporting events, AKC Canine Good Citizen, Canine Urban Citizen, AKC Community Canine training and certification.  We also provide the opportunity for our clients to request specific topics and learning goals!  We can individualize classes based on what our clients want to learn...  This program is about YOU & YOUR DOG being successful together! 


Lifetime Lesson Packages start at $395.00

           ~Includes Up to 10 Private sessions at our facility        followed by a lifetime of group sessions, once per week.**

Lifetime Lesson Package with In-Home Private

            Training Starts at $600.00

           ~Includes up to 10 Private In-Home sessions and a lifetime of group sessions, once per week at our facility.**

Lifetime Lessons for Service/ Therapy Dogs:

       ~Prices are based on type of dog and training required.  Service Dog Clients must complete our application process if owner training a service dog.  These packages include lifetime individual sessions as well as unlimited access to group sessions to allow multiple training situations, socialization training, and exposure.  Individual sessions can be done at the client's place of residence if needed.  Therapy dog training does not require application.

~Anyone who purchases at least 1 week of training camp will receive a $25-$50 discount on a lifetime lesson package for that dog!! 

*Group classes will be held twice weekly, clients are allowed to attend one group session per week.

**Lifetime Lesson Package applies to the LIFETIME OF THE DOG SPECIFIED on the contract.  Each dog will require an individual membership. 

***On the rare occasion where additional individual sessions are desired, they will be provided and paid on a per-session basis (does not apply to Service or Therapy Dog Clients).