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Paws In Hand Isn't Your Average Training Program...

Our program is designed to fit your schedule, lifestyle, and needs.  We don't want you to need our help forever...  The goal is to make our clients successful by teaching tools that allow problem solving, training, and independence with their dogs!  We make our services affordable and attainable for every budget and situation. 

Canine Obedience

All obedience lessons are taught privately in the beginning, with students advancing to our group classes when they are ready.  Lessons may be paid for individually, or clients may choose to purchase a Lifetime Lesson Package!  We believe that this is allows us to devote time and personal attention to each client and dog.  Socialization is started using our trained dogs in a controlled setting to create successful interactions.  We advance students by working in groups to increase social training opportunities.  This creates dogs with no fear, who understand how to be social in a variety of situations.  We also provide in-home sessions at client request!   

Problem Solving

Every dog and family runs into issues with communication from time to time.  This could be anything from aggressive behaviors, chasing squirrels or terrorizing another family pet to marking territory. We meet with clients at our facility or in their homes in order to best address the issues they are having.  Our goal is to not only stop the problem, but to teach the family how to prevent future issues.  We want your dog to have a long and happy life with your family! 

Service/ Guide Dog Training and Placement

Our program is unique!  Our waiting list is short- often nonexistent...  Why?  Because we have a wonderful network of humane societies and rescues where we select dogs based specifically on our client's needs.  We do not breed/ train puppies and then match them with clients after teaching a broad range of unneeded tasks...  Our clients come to us first, we learn about you, your lifestyle and specific needs.  Dogs are selected for training based on you...

Owner Training

Some clients have a dog who they would like to train for service or therapy work.  We  assist with dog evaluations, making sure that the dog will be able to perform the work required.  Training can be provided from start to finish, working through a comprehensive Lifetime Lesson Package specializing in Service/ Therapy Dog Training.  At completion, owners will have the tools necessary to provide visitation, for public access, and the education to be a positive example of how a working dog should perform.  Owners may not need us for a lifetime, but we will always be available to help them through their journey should the need arise.

Therapy Dog Training

There are many times when either individuals or businesses would like to incorporate a dog into a therapeutic setting.  Paws In Hand will provide evaluations, training, assistance with socialization, and certification of therapy dogs owned by individuals.  We will also meet with clients and provide dog selection, training and placement of therapy dogs in office, hospital, nursing home, or public settings.  Dogs are selected from shelters around the USA based on specific client needs.   

Training Camp

Sometimes, our clients are faced with situations where they are unable to solve a problem in their home. This could be a time constraint, location, or a simple desire to have training provided elsewhere. We are now offering a special board and train option for our clients!  This program is unique, and we encourage owner participation throughout the process.  Pictures and videos will be sent through the time at camp, and updates can be sent daily!  When it is time to return home, a lesson will be provided either at our facility, or in-home, to ensure that the owners are confident in their ability to maintain their dog's new skills! 

What our customers are saying

Briana gave us some great tools for our rescue puppy, Scout! Her behavior is night and day different. It has helped us in learning how to manage her better. We still have a ways to go, but we are at least on the right track! Thank you!

Brennan L.