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"Thank y'all so much for everything.  If it wasn't for y'all Dylan wouldn't be where he is today.  He has his best friend with him all the time."

~Jerilyn M.

"We had a surprise challenge tonight and Boomer did GREAT! We had stopped by a business to pick up a donation after our Christmas party, and they didn't mention that it was their "bring your dogs for Santa photos" night! So, we walked in and there were about 1000 dogs wearing costumes! He was in his vest though and it took barely anything for him to not even see them. Then they offered to do a Santa photo... But Santa was drunk and I had to Shoo him off Boomer!! It was like opening a door to a diner and walking into a carnival. He handled the whole situation like a champ!"

~Andrea L.

"Moby has done more for me in an hour, than my last dog did for me in a week."

- Katie D.

I thought that we reached our trainable potential and I almost accepted it. Then I decided to try one more time...OMG!!!  Our future looks so much brighter now, and I am very excited that my Frenchie will be able to live a normal life without having to freak out about everything!!!"

-Tatiana N.

Milo's home from his week at training camp. Such a difference. He is much more confident. Does great on a leash. We are finally using the same language to communicate. We learned that little dogs have different challenges and dynamics. 

~Linda S.

"Jett is an amazing dog and has helped a lot more than I could have ever imagined.  In the short amount of time that Dexter and Jett have been here, my stress levels have dropped drastically, I have been getting better sleep, and overall, my physical as well as my mental health have improved..."

~Jordan D.